Flooring and resin coatings

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We execute complex resin flooring systems, insulation with spray foam and spray elastomers.


Good floor should be durable and resistant, yet aesthetic and practical.


The main way to save energy is carefully warming building.


Material very flexible, as in the work place concrete protects against leakage.



We execute complex resin flooring systems, insulation with spray foam and spray elastomers. Since the beginning, our top priority is to provide the highest level. We have modern equipment. Our staff are a high-class specialists. Using the practical know-how and wide experience the representatives of our company advise our customers on optimal solutions which meet their expectations. The company's activities are focused on the provision of services in industrial plant, public facilities, pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants, hospitals, and private houses.

Applied coatings are durable and resistant to many factors. The quality of our work provides a long list of references. We work with the world's largest suppliers of synthetic resin technology. So far we have covered 400 000 sq m of floors using modern equipment. We operate in Poland and the European Union.


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Examples of applications of resin flooring systems.
Anti-slip flooring

Coating epoxy resin and quartz sand.


Flooring highly aesthetic and sound, resistant to abrasion and scratching.

Smooth flooring

Colorful and solvent-free epoxy flooring.

Quartz-epoxy flooring

Flooring resistant to abrasion, scratches and chemicals, giving a very impressive look.


Flooring and resin coatings

We resin flooring systems, polyurethane foam insulation and spray elastomers.