Flooring and resin coatings

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Good floor should be durable and resistant, yet aesthetic and practical.

The main way to save energy is carefully warming building.

Material very flexible, as in the work place concrete protects against leakage.

Good floor should be durable and resistant to use it at least a few years. Resin floors are used in production halls or warehouses but also in public buildings, houses and apartments more and more often. They are very aesthetic and practical.The resin creates a sealed surface, that's why the floor is very easy to keep clean. More than that, there is chemically and mechanically resistant. It works with underfloor heating and is available in many different colors.

We offer several types of flooring with different characteristics and applications:

  • 0,4 mm thick coating - colorful, solvent resistance, chemical resistance
  • smooth flooring - epoxy, filled with sand, solventless
  • anti-slip flooring - created on the basis of solvent-free epoxy resin and quartz sand, use a different grain of sand makes it possible to obtain various degrees of roughness floor
  • 2-3 mm thick quartz-epoxy made from colourful sand - created on the basis of a colorless epoxy resin and colored sand, abrasion, scratches and chemicals, very attractive appearance

  • anti-electrostatic flooring - smooth and one-color surface, abrasion resistant, waterproof, fireproof, conducts and dissipates static electricity build-up on the surface
  • decorative - highly aesthetic and sound-absorbing, abrasion and scratch resistance, the possibility of using the mixture of colored petals, giving the effect of smooth and glossy floor
  • cement-polyurethane flooring - pigmented, high impact resistance and abrasion resistance, high resistance to temperatures up to + 120 ° C
  • sports - created on the basis of polyurethane resin, highly flexible, resistant to abrasion, easy to clean, can be made markings (lines and colors on the fields) in accordance with its purpose
  • cement, self-spilling seamless flooring - smooth and even surface, floor leveling
  • chemical-resistant fitted carpets and substances - produced from specially selected synthetic resin and filled with sand or glass fiber mat

advantages of resin floors

Flooring and resin coatings

We resin flooring systems, polyurethane foam insulation and spray elastomers.